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For the Phoenix, feng huang, is a couple. The latter is a female one, in warm color, representing her femininity.
In the landscape, Taiwan cherry – the city flower of Taichung representing Taichung’s images, namely mountains, sea, and flowers. Surrounded by sea, the dancing dolphins represent the prosperity of and in the city. Matching with the theme song and light effects, phoenix dancers dance enchantingly.




Colorful Kaomei Wetland is endless

Integrating the images of Gaomei Wetland – Taichung’s natural ecology, red & white lighthouse, wind power generators, and more, accentuate the concept of environmental friendly wind power generation and the concern of ocean culture, power saving, and environmental protection.

Cock-a-doodle-doo welcomes New Year Fortune

Firecrackers blast to bid the old year farewell. The golden rooster is holding the spring couplets to wish you good fortune, symbolizing good fortune in the year of rooster.

Peace and good fortune come continuously

Holding an apple and a pine apple with both hands. In Chinese, they pronounce as wishing you good luck and peace to your family in the coming year. Wealth will not be far away.

Best of luck in the year to activate Taichung

In Chinese “rooster” is pronounced as “ji” – the same as “good fortune.” Holding a polaroid camera, it is going to capture your happy moment. It also symbolize the fortune star shines over you in this year of good fortune.

Good fortune and good omen in the time of family reunion

The coin is laden with a festive mood, pleasing us. Its roundness and the stylistic lantern symbolizes the land is saturated with hope and wealth.

Celebrating the good year through the happy chicken dance

In the year of good fortune, the rooster dances. The innovative presentation of the word “happy” together with the small lanterns wish all of you a happy New Year.

Happy New Year and luck always accompany you

Rooster and chicken welcome the New Year. Wish you all good luck in this year. In the coming year, let’s light up the happiness in our hearts.


Welcome the approaching of 2018 TAICHUNG WORLD FLORA EXPOSITION. Sitting in the middle of the flowers that represent Taichung. We welcome you all to join us in the 2018 TAICHUNG WORLD FLORA EXPOSITION.

Qingshui Military Dependents Village shares Lantern Festival together

The military dependent’s village is a major feature of Qingshui. The scenes around the village, the traditional window decors, accompanied by the stylistic lanterns, appear to be more charming. Let’s celebrate the Lantern Festival together.

Whales surprise us with Happy New Years

A whale is situated by the Water Moon Bridge, welcoming the approaching of the year of rooster. The light and shadow reflected on the lake’s surface, interacting with the natural landscapes in the seaport, constituting another natural landscape.

Golden Rooster announces the good news of fortune
(interactive mode)

Touching the golden eggs, you will feel good fortune in full. These golden eggs will announce good news at random. People that touch any of them will enjoy good fortune for the entire year. The golden chicken with a good news makes you rich Visiting and leaving Taiwan from Taichung and lucky stars show signs of something good