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During the 2017 Taichung Lantern Festival, design artists, sculptors, illustrators, and plane designers, are invited to design the lanterns. The theme of the main lanterns is “Phoenix Flowers Bloom.” To highlight the theme of the lantern festival fair, the design is presented in the forms of “feng” and “huang”, which are the two halves of the entire theme in complete.
In the overall effect, in addition to integrating modern technology with traditional culture, innovative high-tech thinking is also introduced. Phoenix dancers will dance around the main lantern in 3600 to demonstrate a phoenix’s posture. With the interaction of flowers and waves, 4D experience, floral fragrance, is added for the first time.
With “force” and “beauty” the main lantern manifests “the phoenix chirp brings good fortune that flourishes in the time of peace and prosperity.” The five-color feathers of this bird of birds, in an upright posture, brings peace to the world. Among the landscapes, Taichung’s city flower represents the images of the city – mountains, the sea, and the capital of flowers. During the activities, different from the past ones, the five sensual experiences will be promoted. With the additional interactive devices and local dishes, the theme night shows invite people to celebrate the lantern festival together.




Golden Rooster Brings Good News and Great Fortune

Sitting on the golden ingot, which symbolizes wealth, the golden rooster is embracing the “double-happiness egg” with both hands to wish people good news, good fortune, and great wealth.

Fun in Taichung –Eat, Drink, Play, and Joy

The animated rooster master stands in front of the Taichung map, holding Taichung delicacies in its hand, pearl milk tea and sun cake. With the images of the woods and the sea in the backdrop, it symbolizes the world-famous gourmet delicacies of Taichung.

Spring flowers bloom in the Year of Rooster

The golden rooster is animated as a colorful phoenix that stretches its wings. With Taiwan cherry, Taichung’s city flower, as a backdrop, it symbolizes blooming flowers bring wealth in the New Year.

Visiting and leaving Taiwan from Taichung and lucky stars show signs of something good

The handsome rooster captain is flying above colorful clouds in a plane, symbolizing good fortune in the year of rooster.

Greeting guests in the new Taichung Train Station

To celebrate the inauguration of the new Taichung Station, it animates into the station master to welcome all guests to visit Taichung and have fun in Taichung.

The Charm of Tunghai

The Luce Chapel is a highly recommended scenic spot in Taichung. Included in the route of the lantern festival, visitors may like to visit there to know more about the charm of Taichung.

Spring comes. Good fortunes arrive.

In Chinese, bat (fu) is pronounced exactly as good fortune (fu). With the spring scene in Taichung Park as backdrop, the five bats wish five good fortunes to arrive in your home, bringing you a good year.

The God of Wealth is coming to you

Integrating the images of the deity of wealth and a gold ingot, the innovative “money” spring couplets wish you to make a good fortune this year.

Greater Taichung is suitable for living, and happiness is always here

Taichung is voted as the second most livable city in Taiwan. Its urban planning is complete, with spacious green lands and parks, suitable for living there prolongedly. The rainbow and the heart symbolize Taichung to be a happy city.

Wonderful music from saxophones activates Taichung

Houli, Taichung is a world famous saxophone manufacturing center. Taichung is enthusiastic in cultivating musical talents to allow people feel the sensational melody of the saxophone.

Joy and leisure in the year of rooster

The boat Golden Rooster is sailing across the Sun Moon Pond, to carry a full load of good fortune, ready to share with you. We wish you all a happy and fortunate year.

Happy Taichung Sailing into the Future

In either sunny days or rainy days, Taichung is a good place for parents and children to visit, live, and enjoy a happy time. Taichung is a city of happiness.

Golden Rooster brings good fortune. Good luck blasts.

The New Year brings a new atmosphere. The gold ingot, golden rooster, and firecrackers wish every visitor in the lantern festival good luck and good fortune, bringing home wealth and good omens.

Turning your dream and traveling around Taichung

“The Good Good Rooster” carries your dreams and brings you into a paradise. The stylistic lantern recalls the happiness of visiting Taichung by both parents and children.

Appreciating the charms of Taichung and having fun here

The flashing lights tell you of the beauty, humanistic scenes, and culture of Taichung, bringing you different feelings. Welcome families to visit Taichung to feel its charm.

Golden Rooster announces the good news of fortune
(interactive mode)

Golden Rooster announces the good news of fortune (interactive mode)