Taichung Lantern Festival – Twin main lanterns show – “Phoenix Flower Bloom”, a presentation of light, sound, and fragrance
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The 2017 Taichung Lantern Festival will be launched grandly at Taichung Park and the Taichung City Seaport Art Center from February 5 to February 19 for 15 days. Director Chen Sheng-shan of the Taichung City Government Tourism Office expressed that in both Taichung and Qingshui, there is a 12m tall lantern, in the theme of a phoenix, respectively. In Taichung Park, the theme of the lantern is feng, a male phoenix; and in Qingshui, it is huang, a female phoenix. On every hour, there is a main lantern show, “Phoenix Flower Bloom,” in both places. In addition to the special effect of light and shade, smoke with flower fragrances will be sprayed during the dance of the phoenix, presenting people with a new sensual experience – the enjoyment of sight, sound, and smell. In addition, the small portable lanterns – “Good Fortune Flourish” will be presented at the same time. With dual-side and dual-color design, the wings are stretchable, wishing people “Good Fortune Flourishing” in this new year.

Director Chen expressed that the Sun Moon Pond in Taichung Park has just had its sediments cleared. On February 5, it will begin to light up the lanterns so that people can enjoy watching flowers and lanterns, as well as the results of clearing up the sediments. The Taiwan Lantern Festival will commence in Yunlin on 11. Taichung Lantern Festival will begin 6 days earlier. Taichung has already planned packages for, and will be promoted to international visitors, who will be able to enjoy two lantern festivals in Taichung when visiting it. Taichung hotels are all ready to receive international visitors during the festival.

In this year, the theme of the Taichung Lantern Festival is “Flowers Bloom Good Fortunate in a Good Year,” which integrates the motifs of the “year of rooster” and 2018 Taichung World Floral Exposition. Design artists, sculptors, illustrators, and plane designers, are invited to design the lanterns, including cute rooster lanterns and reception light gallery. Together with the lanterns’ reflection on the water, it is magnificent.

Lai Guan-zhong, the sculptor responsible for designing the theme lantern, expressed that in this year, Asian elements are added to the design, especially, the bird of birds – phoenix is used as the theme for the year of rooster. In Taichung Park, the feng, male phoenix, is yellow in color to highlight its masculinity. In Qingshui, the huang, female phoenix, is pink in color to accentuate its tenderness. The colors of the two main lanterns and the small portable lanterns are similar. The main lantern show “Phoenix Flowers Bloom” will be presented on every hour from 7:00pm to 10:00pm simultaneously in the two parks. In addition to lights, to manifest the idea of the floral expo, smokes with floral fragrance will be sprayed during lantern shows.

Director Chen expressed further that during the activities in addition to the light sets and light environment, there lantern exhibition, Lantern Festival evening show, and weekend theme performances. Performers, including Jess Lee, Miu, Cai Jia Lin, Waa Wei, Olivia Tsao, Eve Ai, Andrew Tan, MATZKA, Huang Fei, BOXING, and more are invited to sign enchanting melodies. In addition, Tottori Prefecture and Aomori Prefecture of Japan that have close interrelations with Taichung City will send the Taiko ensemble and Aomori traditional musical ensemble to Taichung to perform on February 11 and 12.

“Good Fortune Flourish”, the small portable lanterns are printed on both sides. Folding it on different sides, it presents different colors. Children can DIY the lanterns into cocks or hens or paint their favorite colors on them. When pulling the lever at the bottom of the lantern, the cock or hen will nod its head and stretch its wings. Below the lever, there is a “Taiwan cherry”, Taichung’s city flower, which can swirl like a pinwheel when wind blows. These small lanterns will be presented to people in both parks on 6:00pm, from February 5 to February 11 for 7 days consecutively. With limited number; first come, first serve.